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Are you facing a divorce? Get our sound legal help

Let our legal team to help you reach a favorable outcome — whether you want to go ahead with your divorce and make settlements or resolve the matter through a Collaborative Law process, which helps you maintain your privacy.


Our compassionate legal staff will stand by your side throughout this painful and frustrating time, making sure you've all the resources and information required to take the right decision.

Get the right child support amount

Are you a single parent who's finding it tough to take care of both your child and yourself? You don't have to keep quiet. Take the legal route. We'll help you receive the child support collection you deserve.

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  • Divorce

  • Child Support Collection / Defense

  • Modifications

  • Child Protective Services cases

My goal is to provide the highest quality legal services in family matters while working hard to minimize conflict, reach resolutions, protect the children, and keep legal expenses reasonable.

- Candace

We use the Collaborative Law process to reach a quick and inexpensive resolution to your family law issue. Speak to us to know more


We respect your family's interests and dignity

The Collaborative Law process we practice gives you and your family to keep your family matters confidential and provide a professional environment for your family legal matters to be settled. This way you not only emotional stress, but also save expenses, which come with a traditional litigation.

Rely on our legal skills to help you reach an amicable settlement

  • Enforcements

  • Step-parent adoptions

  • Collaborative Law Divorce

  • Prenuptial agreementa.

  • Grandparent Rights

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